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Marc Cohn kicks off his 25th anniversary tour at White Eagle Music Hall, making this his one time only performance for a New Jersey/New York audience. His beautiful song-writing and melodic voice brought a warm, cozy illuminating feeling to his loyal fans, acclaimed critics and colleagues.

Last year, Cohn celebrated his 25th anniversary, Grammy award-winning, platinum-selling, self-titled debut album by releasing Careful What you Dream: Lost Songs and Rarities, featuring never heard before songs, and demos dating back years before his debut album and the Grammy Award that followed.

Chrissi Poland opened for Marc, whom also quite talented with a beautiful voice, sang a variety of her own songs, covers, and even a song from Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (which is an awesome show)!!

His great talent and ability to mesmerize his audience with his sharp and funny wit along with his voice and words illuminated his fans and brought a closer intimacy with ourselves, in some ways. Calm and cool vibes filled with venue and it was a pleasure to hear Cohn speak of his life through his music. Marc Cohn comes off as one of the most kind and soulful people in this world, he shares his art with a passion for song-writing and it shows.

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