Drive-By Truckers at White Eagle Hall

By Mike Kuzan

Photos by Courtney Collins

Drive-By Truckers and Strand of Oaks performed at White Eagle Hall on October 5, 2017.  The show carried a heavier weight, coming only 4 days after the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival shooting in Las Vegas and 3 days after Tom Petty’s death.  Both bands acknowledged the bleak week in music and also celebrated what music and live concerts mean to us all.  White Eagle Hall, while being a relatively new venue, felt warm and receptive to host a night of music when the bands and audience needed it most.

Drive By Truckers

“Like most people I know, I was already having a terrible day Monday. I awoke to news of the worst mass shooting in American history. How do you wrap your head around that? I could lock myself in my room and cry endlessly (and I might yet), but to what end is that beyond personal catharsis, and an empty one at that?”


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